Monday, May 26, 2014

Recipes of Traditional Cakes

Steamed Bowl Cakes

Steamed Bowl Cakes is one of Indonesian Traditional Cakes, it is yummy and savory,
known as "Kue-Mangkok"

Ingredients :
- 100 grams fermented cassava ( ripe and soft )
- 200 grams caster sugar
- 175 grams rice flour
- 175 ml cold water ( room temperature )
- 75 grams cake flour
- 125 ml boiling water
- 125 ml soda water
- 1 tablespoon double acting baking powder
- 6 drops of pink dye

Method :
* Mix fermented cassava and caster sugar, squeeze until the sugar dissolves, set aside. Mix rice flour and cold water, stir well. Add cake flour and the mixture of fermented cassava and caster sugar into the rice flour solution, stir well. Then add boiling water, whisk with an electric hand whisk until blended, leave to cool.
Mix soda water and baking powder, add into the dough of rice flour, mix well. Strain the dough and add six drops of pink dye.
* Heat the water in the steamer, fill small bowl mold without oil smeared, let stand until the mold are hot for approximately 10 minutes over a large fire. Pour the dough into the mold until it is full. Steam for about 20 minutes over high heat, during the steaming shut the steamer and do not open it.
* Leave to cool in the mold after cooked, then remove the cakes from the mold.
* 40 pieces of steamed bowl cakes are ready to be served.

Note :
If we want the bowl cakes can be blossomed, the water in the steamer should be much, the stove should be large. Do not put too much mold so that there is space for the distribution of heat. At the time of pouring the dough, the water in the steamer must be in a state of boiling and the bowl mold are in hot conditions.
Use the steamer with a conical lid so that the water can drip to the edge. If using a flat lid, wrap the flat lid with a clean napkin.

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