Saturday, March 30, 2013

Favorite Cakes in Indonesia

Lapis-Legit is one of the highly favored cakes in Indonesia and also favored by the Southeast Asian community in general.Lapis-Legit often made in celebration of special days such as Birthdays, Wedding Day also in the feast day of The New Year even now also liked eaten daily.Of the row type of Cakes, Lapis-Legit is the most expensive type, no wonder because of the material is expensive, making takes a long time and need patience.
Lapis-Legit is composed of a layer cake. Lapis-Legit also changes according to taste, there is now Lapis-Legit with an assortment of flavors,chocolate flavor, durian flavor, and there is also Lapis-Legit added with cheese or fruit.

Lapis-Legit made with sponge cake and butter cake, because of this combined method then the resulting cake is also different, another unique is that Lapis-Legit be made with a thin layer and baked layer by layer.

A good Lapis-Legit should taste greasy, savory and soft textured.
The display of Lapis-Legit and the lining should look flat, neat and tight ( not hollow ), to produce Lapis-Legit like this kind, of course there are some techniques : 
* Lapis-Legit made with butter, if using margarine it still must be combined with butter.
* Uses a lot of egg yolk.
* Generally Lapis-Legit made with multiple stages :
   1. Margarine and butter whipped up white.
   2. Eggs whipped with sugar until fluffy and then mixed with wheat flour.
   Both are then combined, this merger should be completely flat, so that the cake is not sodden.
* Layering the dough should be as thick, if using straight walled brass, each dough should be weighed equally heavy, if using a oblique pan walled, the weights should be different so that the thickness of each layer is the same.

* The next thing to consider is the process of baking, baking done with upper fire, fire must be set, cake closer distance to the fire, the fire must be smaller, therefore if the cake is getting full, the fire must be minimized, if the fire can not be smaller, open the oven's door.
* Every time want to layer, cake should be suppressed by suppressing, so that each layer can be tightly.

* Stir the dough each time to pour, so it can be fused and not separate, also to remove the air that is inside.

Please try this Favorite Cakes when visiting Indonesia, Lapis-Legit are sold in pastry shops or bakeries.

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