Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes

To celebrate birthday we usually make cakes.The Birthday Cakes will be made with a lot of trimmings. The trimmings of the cakes decoration will vary according to the age of the person's birthday. The cakes will be decorated with dolls, baby toys, baby shoes or clothes for baby birthday.Sometimes the cakes will also be decorated with candies, sugars or chocolates with bright colourful.

Birthday cakes for children aged five to fifteen years will be decorated with bright colours too.The birthday cakes for girls will be decorated with nice doll or with cute animal, for example a cat or cute dog, a butterfly can also be used.

Someone will decorate teenage girl's birthday cakes with clothes, nice bags or funny shoes and the others will decorate the cakes with scattered colourful flowers.

The birthday cakes decoration for the boy will be different, the cute animal will be a tiger, a lion or an
elephant and a spider can also be used.

Sometimes the characters in a film is also used to decorate a birthday cakes like Superman, Spiderman or Batman. There was also a birthday cakes that decorated with sports equipment such as football or basketball or may be a soccer player.

For teens male or female who has a particular hobby or skill we can make a birthday cakes suit to their hobby for celebrate their birthday, for someone who is good at playing a musical instrument or a good singer we can decorate their birthday cakes with musical notes.

The birthday cakes decorating for adults will be more simple although there are many colours but not too bright, if the adults birthday cakes decorated with balloon, the balloon decoration will be more simple.

There was also a birthday cakes for adults decorated with sugars and chocolates or coffees.
The decoration of birthday cakes for people who are elderly is very simple, the colour also soft and usually only consist of one or two colours only, if decorated with flowers, the colour of the flowers is also soft and simple.

Thus are the decoration of birthday cakes.

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