Monday, August 12, 2013

Decorating of CupCakes

Flowers Blossom & Stripes CupCakes Decorating

Step by step CupCakes decorating :
* Roll out a small amount of white fondant quite thinly, run it through the pasta machine until it is about 2 mm thick, and then run it through the fettuccine attachment. This will give us a bunch of even strips to use for our decorating, repeat with a small amount of black fondant.

* With the back of our paring knife, mark a faint line on our cupcake where we want to start our stripes from. Using an artist brush dipped in water, paint a thin strip of water on the cupcake and place a white or black strip on it, straighten it with our paring knife.

* Then apply another water stripe next to the first stripe and apply the next stripe of fondant, alternate the colours, always use our paring knife to straighten the lines.

* When we have finished, use our paring knife to trim the excess bits of fondant strips.

* Roll out some white fondant very thinly, approx 2 mm. Using a plunger cutter, cut out some blossoms. The cutter size we have used allows for 7 blossoms per cupcake.

* Place the blossoms on a petal pad and then use a balling tool to thin the edges and cup the blossom.

* When the blossoms have dried a little, place them on the cupcake to cover the beginning of the strips. Attach the blossoms by piping a small amount of royal icing on the cupcake and then placing the blossom on it.

* Once all the blossoms are in place, use the black royal icing with a piping bag and a number 1 or 2 size nozzle, pipe a small dot in the center of each blossom.

The nice Flowers Blossom & Stripes CupCakes is finished decorated.



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