Friday, August 9, 2013

Decorating of CupCakes

Covered CupCakes

Covering and preparing decorate CupCakes :

- Flavoured syrup or sugar syrup
- CupCakes
- Ganache
- White Fondant
- Hotwater

- Jug
- Paring knife
- Palette knife
- Circle cutters
- Rolling pin
- Flexi smoother

Step by step methods:
* Trim our CupCakes using the paring knife, we are making space for where the ganache is going, depending on the design of the CupCakes we can shape either a dome or cut it flat.
* Ensure that our ganache is a lovely smooth consistency, similar to peanut butter. Use our palette knife, scoop up some ganache and spread it onto the cupcake. Make sure the ganache goes all the way out to the edge of the cupcake case. We want to completely enclose our cupcake.

* Once we have done a rough coat on all our CupCakes, fill a litre jug with hot water. Dip our palette knife in the water until it is hot and use it to smooth the ganache on the cupcake, we need the CupCakes to be completely smooth now as any bumps will show through the fondant later on, gently run a finger along the outside of the cupcake case to tidy up any stray bits of ganache.

* Let the CupCakes set for approx 30 minutes.

* Using flovoured syrup or sugar syrup, paint a thin coat of syrup on top of the cupcake, this will help the fondant to adhere to the cupcake.

* Roll out our white fondant until it is approx 3-4 mm thick. Using a circle cutter, cut out discs that cover the top of the cupcake.

* Hold a disc in one hand and a cupcake in the other, place the cupcake onto the disc and gently smooth the fondant on using our hand.

* We may have to use our thumb to gently adjust the size of the fondant if it is slightly too big, then take our flexi smoother and gently polish the cupcake until it is smooth all over.

* The CupCakes are now ready for decorating.

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