Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cakes for The Feast Day

Cakes for The Feast Day

To celebrate the Feast Day many people usually make Cakes.
As is usually many housewives of the Moslem Families make many kind of Cakes to welcome Eid Feast Day.
in Southeast Asia some of the housewives make Layer Cakes.
Many kind of Layer Cakes are made with many variety.
There is also Layer Cakes with Chocolate layer.
 And there are also Layer Cakes which added of fruits or cheeses on the top. For busy families, many of them do not make the Cakes by themselves but they buy it at the Cakes Shop/Bakery or they order it at the Cakes maker.
There are also many housewives who make simple Cakes such as Cheese Steamed Cakes or Chocolate Steamed Cakes.
For housewives who do not work will have more time to make the Cakes, some of the housewives make Cakes which is decorated.
 There are also some families order Cakes to the Cakes maker to be given to their relatives, typically the order of the Cakes will decorated with interesting shapes.
In addition making the Cakes, many people also make Cookies, many kind of Cookies are made for celebrate the Feast Day.
One of the most famous Cookies in Indonesia which is named Nastar, Cookies that contains pineapple or pineapple jam in it. This Cookies is very tasty.
The Cookies also can be bought at Pastry Shop or Bakery.
 Except contains pineapple, there are also Cookies containing cheese.
There is also Cookies made of sago called Sago Cookies.
There is also Cookies that contains cashews in it and dusted with powdered sugar.
And there is also Cookies made of peanuts.
Some people also make Chocolate Cookies in celebrating the Feast Day. These are some kind Cookies that are made from Chocolate.
And some people also make Cookies that contains strawberry jam.
One of the other famous Cookies in Indonesia is called "Lidah-Kucing" that means Cat's Tongue Cookies which shaped like a tongue, this Cookies is made from Egg Whites without Egg Yolks.
Besides of the Sweet Cookies there are also Cookies that are salty, one of the Salty Cookies is Cheese Stick.
 The other of salty cookies is Salty Stick Cookies which is made from dumpling skin.
These are some examples of Cakes and Cookies for the Feast Day, we can make it or we can buy it. 
Still many creations of the Cakes and the Cookies, different country has different kind of Cakes and Cookies also different flavour and favorite.

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