Thursday, August 8, 2013

Decorating of CupCakes

CupCakes Decorating with Buttercream

We can decorate our CupCakes by piping a swirl, using a star tip to achieve the look of a soft serve ice-cream.

The materials are :
- Disposable piping bag
- Large cream nozzle
- Buttercream
- Cake topper of our choice

The Methods step by step  :
* Cut the tip off the end of the disposable piping bag and place the nozzle inside. Fill the bag with buttercream.

* Start a little way in from the edge of the cupcakes and pipe to the outer edge.

* Continue going all the way around the outer edge of the cupcakes, staying as close to the edge as possible.

* When back to where we started finish off in the center with a small star.

* Start again on top of the first layer going around in the same direction.

* Finish piping with a small star or rosette on the top. Stop applying pressure before pulling away.

* Add a cake topper on the top. Sugar decorations can be purchased according to our choice.

This is a simple technique of decorate CupCakes.

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