Thursday, November 21, 2013

Decorating of Cakes


Stencilling is a quick and easy way to decorate Cakes.

Ingredients :
- Medium to stiff peak royal icing.
- Cake or fondant base.
- Petal duss

Equipment :
- Small decorators Spatula.
- Stencils of choice.
- Clean damp cloth.
- Micropore dressing tape.

* Cover the Cake or plaque with fondant ( sugar paste, plastic icing ), and let it dry for a day.
* Plan the design we wish to put on the Cake by drawing it on a piece of paper as a trial.
* Position the stencil over the desired area and secure the top of the stencil to the fondant using micropore dressing tape, this ensures that the stencil remains in place and the tape does not rip off any sugar paste from the Cake.
* Mix royal icing to medium to stiff peak and ensure the consistency is correct. Should the royal icing be too soft, the stencilling design will run. If the icing is too stiff the pattern will have a coarse and uneven texture.
* Scoop a small amount of icing on the small decorator's spatula ( depending on the size of design chosen ) and holding one side of the stencil by gently pressing it against the sugar paste spread the royal icing onto the top of the stencil evenly and neatly. Work quickly. 

* Once the royal icing has been spread evenly over the area gently lift the base of the stencil in an upwards motion.

* It may be noted that various colours may wish to be used and therefore each colour should done at separate stages and it is important not to let one colour spread into another area of different shade. The stencilled area is adhered to the cake and the micropore is now ready to be removed.

* It is important to use a stencil which is not bent or distorted in any way. Ensure that our stencil is very clean before use. Choosing a stencil can be difficult as there are so many stockists from cake decorating shop stencils. After use, wash stencils under running water and try not to wipe them with a washing up cloth to remove any dried icing as this could damage the stencil. Dry them by laying them on a tea towel on a flat surface and dab them dry. Ensure they are completely dry before attaching them to sugar paste as water will eat icing and leave a crater.

* Stencilling with Petal Powder Colours can be a tricky business as the petal dust seems to get everywhere in application so extreme skill is needed to get a good result :
- Cover the area which is not being stencilled with plastic wrap to prevent marking.
- Application is best using a small dry sponge to apply the dry powder colour. Colour applies quickly and neatly as opposed to using a brush.
- Colour can be removed from fondant with the use of a little rose spirit which is bought at cake decorating outlets or isopropyl alcohol at the chemist. Use a clean white cloth and gently rub the area affected then rub over with a little corn flour.

* Don't use the Liquid Colour, Liquid Colour is generally quite runny so it is not advised.

* Stencilling can be quite effective without any embellishments however the design could be enhanced with the use of added paint texture.


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