Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Decorating of Cakes

Ocean Party Cake

Ingredients :
- 6 inch x 4 inch Round Cake (or we can choose the other similar size)
- 9 inch x 4 inch Round Cake (or we can choose the other similar size)
- 2.5 kg Light Blue Fondant
- Blue Shimmer
- Pink Shimmer
- Apricot Shimmer
- Champagne Shimmer
- White Modelling Paste

Equipment :
- 12 inch Round Board
- Silver Cake Board Paper
- Wilton Sea Life Designs Mould
- Paint Brushes
- Sugar Glue
- Cake Smoother
- Palette Knife
- Wooden Skewers
- Food Colouring Paste (not Liquid Colouring) : Blue, Purple, Orange, Brown, Lime.

Methods :
* Covering the 12 inch Round Cake Board with Silver Cake Board Paper, spread glue over the board and place it on the back of the foil, trim around the foil leaving approx one inch all the way around. Spread a small amount of glue around the outer edge of the board. Cut "tabs" into the foil all the way around and then glue them down, pulling them firmly inwards to create as smooth an edge as possible, use masking tape to hold all the glued down tabs in place neatly.

* Cover each Cake with the Blue Fondant, using the smoother and small spatula trim and smooth to create an even surface.

* Prepare the Cake for stacked construction using wooden dowels as supports between each tier.

* Then we make the decorations. Use a tiny amount of Paste Colour to colour the Modelling Paste in our desired colours. Partially mix some Brown into the White to give a slightly marbled effect for the shells. Roll a small amount of the Coloured Modelling Paste into a ball and push into the Wilton Sea Life Designs Mould, spreading it out as evenly as possible until each part of the cavity has icing in it. For finer parts, it can be useful to roll small sausages of icing to press into the mould.

* Place the mould in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes so that the gumpaste goes slightly hard. Note : if left for too long, the gumpaste will freeze and will then sweat when it is brought out and comes back to room temperature. Turn the mould over and gently push the shape out. Use a toothpick or the small spatula to help any that stick. Reshape any that may have slightly distorted. Use a small brush to apply shimmer dust to each piece as desired.

 * Now the decorations can be attached to the Cake using a small amount of sugar glue.

This is one of the Party Cake uses the Wilton Sea Life Designs Mould to create an underwater themed Cake.

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