Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cakes for The Feast Day

Cakes for The Feast Day : Christmas Cakes

In celebrating Christmas, the cake maker will make a variety of Cakes, including various kinds of cake decorations. In the northern countries which are in the winter season, many Cakes will be decorated in white colour to look like snow.

Christmas Cakes are usually decorated with white, red and green colours. There is also cup cakes will be decorated with small dolls which contains three typical Christmas colours are white, red and green.

Some peoples make a ball-shaped cake that resembles a snowman and the others will decorate cup cakes with small doll, snow deer or small Christmas tree.

There are also cup cakes are adorned with paintings of Santa Claus or Church Bells.

We can decorate mini cakes with snowballs, snow trees and put cute Penguin on it.

Besides making  mini cakes, we can also make a Christmas cake with a larger size which are decorated with Stuffed Pork and some cute Penguins on the snow.

We can make cakes that are decorated with trees, leaves and Merry Christmas greeting made of chocolate.

Some peoples make a Christmas tree-shaped cakes made of the composition of some cup cakes that are put together.

The others make cookies that are adorned with frozen sugar or chocolate for celebrate Christmas.

There is also a cake decorated to resemble a gift.

We can also decorate cupcakes with Christmas tree made of butter cream.

Many ornate creations that can be made from butter cream.

Some peoples make a ball-shaped cake with snow doll decoration.

Also a ball-shaped cake decorated with chocolate.

We can make Rainbow Cakes with three typical Christmas colours : white, red and green.

These are some examples of decorating cakes for The Feast of Christmas, we can also develop with other creations, please try and Christmas congratulations to Christians.

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