Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is one of the most important components in a wedding reception, it is no wonder that wedding cakes continue to evolve over time. Many new creations of wedding cakes are arise from time to time.
In the past wedding cakes are always decorated by two small dolls consisting of the groom and the bride, but in the present puppet groom and bride are not always be used, some will write words of Love or writing wedding vows on the wedding cakes, the others would be to decorate wedding cakes with a pair of Doves or a pair of Wedding Rings and some people are also decorate wedding cakes with a pair of cute stuffed animal shaped that can be a pair of beautiful birds or a pair of cute bears.
There are also wedding cakes which decorated with a pair Glasses of Wine, we can also decorate wedding cakes with a pair of Heart Shaped carving or a pair of Angels that symbolize the sanctity of a marriage.

 If we look, wedding cakes decoration on both the past and the present time there would be adorned with flowers, that's because The Flower symbolizes beauty. Flowers decoration on wedding cakes are also developed.
In the past flowers shaped from sugar cream but in the present there are so many kinds of the form and materials to create a nice flower on the wedding cakes, there are soft of sugar cream and also hard form of sugar to create a flower on wedding cakes and pasta of sugar can also be used for making flowers on the wedding cakes.

Now there is a way to decorate wedding cakes with painted flowers known as Floral Boutique Painted Cakes which is the wedding cakes covered with white sugar cream and the painted flowers are on it.

The shape of wedding cakes are also diverse, there are square and some are round and usually made consists of some levels. At present there are wedding cakes made from small cakes known as cupcakes, the cupcakes are arranged to form three tiered wedding cakes or a five tiered.

These are some of The Wedding Cakes.

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