Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Cakes

Cakes are food that is familiar to all of us since ancient times, everyone likes to eat cake in the morning, noon, afternoon or night, cakes to be made for breakfast, also after we have lunch or dinner

Cakes also made with different flavors and different shapes. At the present time the cakes were also made with a variety of extras such as chocolate, cheese, coconuts, fruits, and even nuts and others

Making cakes on the present time is more developed than in the past, cakes also made for a special events such as wedding, birthday, etc

Cakes were also made to celebrate religious holidays, we will make cakes in the New Year and Christmas, Easter, also in the Lunar NewYear and the Moslem NewYear. The size of the cakes are diverse too, from a few tens of centimeters to over than one meter, there are also cakes made in small sizes, even just the size of a hen's egg or smaller

There are many kind of cakes, like cookies, pastries and cakes,the flavor of cakes are also growing rapidly, previously we only know that cakes were sweet, but now there are many cakes that taste salty, also a mix of salty and sweet, there are also cakes made with sweet and sour taste which is taken from the sour fruit flavors combined in it

There is also a delicious cake eaten in the cold and some are to be eaten in hot conditions, Baking cakes evolved from traditional to the modern cakes, from simple to complex, from the plain to a lot of frills and extras

Making and Baking cakes will continue to evolve from time to time

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