Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Decorating of Cakes

Painted Cakes

There are many ways to decorate cakes, one of which is painted on the cakes.
Load a varnish soaked brush with two colours required, on one corner pick up brown dusting powder and on the opposite corner pick up white dusting powder, crush the grains of dusting powder using a brush on the piece of foil, then hold the brush vertically place it on the chisel edge and draw sweeping vines, continue overlapping strokes to build up the effect around the outline of the cakes.

Create the bow look by loading a varnish soaked brush with white and red dusting powders, prime colour on tin foil then create a looped effect with brush, paint two on either side, use the same colour to paint on the bow tails, to vary the width of the tails vary the pressure on the brush.

Reload the brush with dark and light green dusting powder, to create the leaves wiggle the brush then slide the brush back onto the chisel edge and lift off cleanly, add leaves in varying sizes along the vines on the cakes.

There are four steps to create a bud, the first step is painting a bridge shape using yellow and red dusting powder, the second step is painting a swiping U shape,


The third step is painting another U shape below, reload the brush at this point if your colours are not clearly defined, and the last step in creating the bud is starting on the side of the bud like painting a comma as you would write with a pen, sweeping around the bottom of the bud.

To define the rose bud with the brush on the chisel edge paint a line hugging the bud from the base extending just above the top of the bud, load white and lilac dusting powder colours onto your brush then tip the side with lilac into dark blue to intensify the edge of the shading.

Continue mixing until all grains are crushed, paint the flowers by placing the brush on the chisel edge and pivoting the dark outside colour into a teardrop shape.

Build up the flower by overlapping the petals making sure your colours are clearly defined

Mix some varnish and yellow dusting powder together to an inky consistency and dip the end of your paintbrush handle into the paint and dot the flower center.

Build up the design by overlapping the flowers over the bow and fill in any gaps using more leaves.

This is one of the cakes painting techniques.

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