Saturday, September 6, 2014

Decorating of Cakes

Hand Painted Cake

Ingredients :
- Sponge Vanilla Cake
- 500 grams / 2 cups white fondant
- edible food dust, various colours
- rejuvenator spirit
- ribbon, to decorate

Equipment :
- scriber needle
- paintbrushes
- icing pen

1.Draw a design on parchment using an edible icing pen.

2.Carefully lay the design on the cake and, using a scribing tool, prick the cake along the lines of the design.

3.Remove the parchment and, using the icing pen, draw a faint outline along the marks in the fondant.

4.Take the different coloured dusts and mix with rejuvenator spirit.

5.Use a thin brush to paint the outline of the petals.

6.Carefully fill in the lines using more dust and rejuvenator spirit.

7.Repeat step 5 and 6 for the leaves and the branches. Leave to dry for 2 hours.

8. Choose a complementary ribbon to fix along the bottom of the cake and secure using double sided adhesive tape.

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