Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Decorating of Cakes

Iced Butterfly Cake

Ingredients :
- Vanilla sponge cake
- 100 grams royal icing
- 400 grams fondant icing
- purple edible glitter gel
- edible copper shimmer dust
- edible icing pen

Cover a four inch sponge in purple fondant and allow it to harden. Using an icing pen, draw a butterfly design on a piece of baking parchment.

Gently place the parchment onto the cake and using a scribing needle, mark a series of small holes along the pattern.

Remove the parchment and pipe royal icing along the dotted lines and allow to set.

Using a soft small brush, gently apply the shimmer dust inside the piped butterflies.

Then carefully pipe on the glitter gel.

Using a scriber needle pull the gel out to the corners to match the butterfly design. To finish the cake, secure a ribbon around the base of the cake using adhesive tape.

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